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Supplementary Arrow Signs

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New Cumnock
This disc shunting signal, number NC19 at New Cumnock, is fitted with an arrow plate to show that it applies to the line on its right-hand side. (Photo taken 27 April 2006)

West Holmes Junction
Ruston's Tip level crossing in Lincoln is equipped with miniature stop lights, which work automatically. A speed restriction of 20 mph applies to Up direction movements over the crossing on the Down Newark line (i.e. wrong-direction movements), as indicated on this sign which is located east of West Holmes Junction. The sign, positioned alongside the Up Gainsborough Fast line, incorporates a left-hand arrow to show that it applies only to trains taking the diverging route towards Newark. (Photo taken 2 April 2011)

Ashford International
The post of signal AD676 at Ashford International station carries a circular sign bearing an arrow to show that the signal applies to the line on its immediate left. (Photo taken 17 May 2006)

Glasgow Queen Street
Signals CQ62 and CQ64 at Glasgow Queen Street station are situated between two lines, with restricted clearances on either side. For this reason, the two signals are placed on a common 'T' bracket structure, with the associated position light signals mounted down on the ground. The identification plates for both signals are fitted to the post, one above the other, and they incorporate vertical double-headed arrows to indicate that CQ64 is the signal on the left and CQ62 is the one on the right. (Photo taken 8 January 1999)

These three signals at the south end of Stirling station apply to different lines, but are all carried on the same post. An arrow sign has been retrospectively fitted below each semaphore arm to show which line it refers to. (Photo taken 24 May 2008)

The identification plate on this banner repeater at Shenfield incorporates an arrow to show that it applies to the line on the left. (Photo taken 19 August 2009)

London St. Pancras
A circular sign with a left-hand arrow is fitted to the post of signal WH10, which controls departures from Platform 5 at London St. Pancras station, indicating that it applies to the line on the left. The siting of an emergency indicator and a repeating warning board at the signal has temporarily increased the amount of signage clutter. (Photo taken 23 November 2002)