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Cab Signalling Signs

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Canal Tunnel
A view from inside the twin-bore Canal Tunnel, looking north towards Belle Isle Junction on the East Coast Main Line. The lower sign, located alongside the Up Canal Tunnel line, marks the end of the ETCS-fitted area on the Thameslink core for Down direction trains. The co-located speed sign reminds drivers of the permissible speed in miles per hour as they exit the cab signalling area. (Photo taken 7 December 2017, by Robin Morel)

This sign located at the eastern end of Platform 8 at Stratford station marks the end of CBTC cab signalling for eastbound Crossrail trains. The sign is attached to the post supporting the signal post telephone for Down Electric line signal L277. (Photo taken 30 June 2022)

Stratford International
TVM block marker number AF079 on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link at Stratford International. The "N" plate identifies this as an 'absolute stop' marker, and an auxiliary signal is fitted to the post. (Photo taken 22 September 2014)

Block marker number MH1102 at the west end of Machynlleth station, where ETCS Level 2 cab signalling is in operation. Permission to pass this marker is presented to the driver in the form of a movement authority displayed inside the cab. (Photo taken 1 April 2011)

Custom House
CBTC block marker number XR336 on the Crossrail Eastbound line at Custom House station. A smaller 'co-acting' block marker, numbered XR336CA, is provided a short distance beyond for the benefit of drivers of trains standing very close to the primary marker. (Photo taken 29 June 2022)

TVM shunt marker number AF591 on the Up CTRL line at Westenhanger. An auxiliary signal is fitted below the violet coloured board for authorising trains to pass the marker under 'proceed on sight' conditions. A group of emergency replacement switches, for protection of the line, are mounted lower down the post. These are indicated by a sign bearing a red triangle, on both sides of the post. (Photo taken 17 May 2006)

ETCS shunt entry board number MH1232, located east of Porthmadog station. (Photo taken 31 March 2011)