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Colour Light Signals

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Three-aspect signal ER5 at Rochester is fitted with small additional lights known as pigs' ears, positioned to the right of the main lenses, to assist with close-up viewing. An 'alias' plate on the post displays the number "2005", which is used when setting up the Cab Secure Radio (CSR) at this signal. (Photo taken 17 May 2006)

Dalmarnock Road Tunnel
YF307 is a three-aspect automatic signal located inside Dalmarnock Road Tunnel on the Argyle Line in Glasgow. Since the signal is situated below drivers' eye level, the usual order of lenses in the head is reversed. Accordingly, the red aspect is at the top, and the green aspect is at the bottom. (Photo taken 20 February 2013)

Ground-mounted signal H26 at Harrogate shows a rare exception to the rule that the most restrictive aspect (in this case, red) should be positioned closest to drivers' eye level. (Photo taken 3 July 2010)

Three-aspect signal CR81 at Chester station is mounted at an angle underneath the canopy on Platform 3. (Photo taken 22 July 2010)

Four-aspect signal WK356 is mounted on a gantry above the Up Fast line at Weybridge. The red aspect is displayed in a separate head from the other three aspects, resulting in an unusual 'reverse L' configuration. This reduces the overall height of the signal, to avoid the top yellow of the double yellow aspect being obscured by the station footbridge. (Photo taken 4 May 2018)