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Communications Signs

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A dilapidated radio channel change board at the north end of Dyce station. A lineside telephone for communicating with Dyce Junction signal box is situated on the same post, and carries a St. Andrew's cross sign. (Photo taken 6 November 2001)

Downham Market
This two-aspect colour light signal at the south end of Downham Market station, number DM3, carries an 'alias' plate showing the radio identification number "4003" on a blue background. This four-digit number is used for Cab Secure Radio (CSR) set-up purposes. (Photo taken 24 June 2013)

Signal MH713 at Larkhall station, with a radio channel indicator fitted to its post. The letters "CSR" at the top denote that the channel code "21" refers to the Cab Secure Radio system. (Photo taken 6 May 2012)

Windsor & Eton Riverside
This Cab Secure Radio (CSR) channel code reminder sign at Windsor & Eton Riverside shows the channel code "78" and is combined with an alias plate with the radio identification number "0284". (Photo taken 9 May 2014)

A Cab Secure Radio (CSR) termination board at the north end of Bletchley station. (Photo taken 23 May 2015)

A non-standard National Radio Network (NRN) termination board at Barking. (Photo taken 23 June 2011)