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Communications Signs

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This sign at Oxford station advises drivers of northbound Cotswold Line services to switch on GSM-R. (Photo taken 20 May 2006)

This sign at Caldicot marks the end of an area with full GSM-R radio coverage and the entrance to an area where the GSM-R Interim Voice Radio System (IVRS) is in use. (Photo taken 26 June 2012, by Dave Hugglestone)

A GSM-R alias plate at Balloch, displaying the code "666". YD666 is the number of the next stop signal ahead, located three miles away from here. (Photo taken 6 May 2012)

The sign below this car stop marker at Barnham displays information relevant to drivers setting up the Cab Secure Radio (CSR), including the area code ("49") and radio identification number ("0077"). (Photo taken 24 September 2010)