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Signs in Electrified Areas

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Camden Road
The North London Line is dual electrified through Camden Road station. This sign at the east end of the station advises drivers of Class 313 electric multiple units to lower the pantograph if routed onto the No. 2 Lines, which are electrified on the DC third rail system only. The No. 1 Lines are AC electrified only. (Photo taken 13 July 2002)

This sign at the north end of Colchester station advises drivers of electric trains that they are approaching an overhead neutral section. The car stop marker on the same post has Network SouthEast branding. (Photo taken 6 July 2013)

A warning sign for a change of current collection zone on the Up CTRL line at Westenhanger. (Photo taken 17 May 2006)

Ebbsfleet International
The uppermost sign on this post at Ebbsfleet International (High Level) marks the point where the changeover from 25 kV AC overhead wire to 750 V DC third rail occurs, the latter system being denoted by the subsidiary plate directly underneath. The pantograph must be lowered before passing this sign, and the conductor rail shoes may be lowered. (Photo taken 22 September 2014)

The flood alarm signal for Silvertown Tunnel, at the west end of Silvertown station on the North Woolwich line. (Photo taken 12 July 2002)

St. Brides
This sign marks the end of a long neutral section on the Down Main line at St. Brides, south of Newport. (Photo taken 25 January 2020, by Dave Hugglestone)