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Hong Kong

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Tai Wai
Signal number 1414 at Tai Wai station is seen displaying a blue aspect. This signal is also capable of showing the usual range of colour light aspects using the four-aspect signal head on the right. Note also the signal post telephone with typical British-style labelling (black and white diagonal stripes). (Photo taken 12 October 2004)

The illuminated white spot displayed by signal repeater number R1626, south of University station, denotes that the main signal ahead is showing a 'proceed' aspect. The repeater is fitted with position 1, 2 and 3 junction indicators, repeating those at the main signal. With none of its junction indicators lit, the repeater indicates that the signal is cleared for running along the Down Main line. (Photo taken 12 October 2004)

Sha Tin
A 'limit of movement authority' board at the entrance to one of the Up Sidings at Sha Tin. (Photo taken 12 October 2004)