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Signs at Level Crossings

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The advance warning board marking the Down direction approach to the ABCL level crossing at Hunmanby Sands Lane on the Up Main line. (Photo taken 31 May 2014)

This special speed restriction board at Hunmanby Sands Lane ABCL level crossing displays differential speed values of 15 and 30 mph for freight trains and passenger trains, respectively. (Photo taken 31 May 2014)

An 'intermediate board' (or 'advance stop board') on the approach to the Open level crossing at Kildonan, in the Up direction. (Photo taken 18 June 2005)

A combined speed restriction/whistle board on the approach to Morar AOCL level crossing on the West Highland Line. (Photo taken 22 May 2004)

The orange post on the left is a sighting marker for a user-worked level crossing near Penally on the Pembroke Dock line. (Photo taken 23 July 2010)

A notice board showing the location and name of Macleans user-worked level crossing, near Morar on the West Highland Line. (Photo taken 6 July 2002)