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Miscellaneous Signs and Indicators

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A double-sided 'station limit - loop clear' marker board to the west of Taynuilt station on the Oban line. The front-side board, as viewed by drivers departing from the station, is seen here. The rear side is similar but has stripes sloped in the opposite direction. (Photo taken 14 September 2013)

The 'engineering limit' board to the south of Harlech station, showing the distinctively coloured type of marker fitted throughout the Cambrian Lines, subsequent to the original introduction of Radio Electronic Token Block (RETB). (Photo taken 30 August 2009, by Danny Scroggins)

A 'rear clear' marker on Platform 3 at Tilehurst station, functioning as a stopping marker for 5-car trains turning back towards Reading. Similar markers applicable to trains of other lengths are appropriately positioned in advance. (Photo taken 28 June 2013)

London St. Pancras
Signal AF502 controls the movement of trains towards the Channel Tunnel Rail Link platforms at London St. Pancras, having come from Network Rail infrastructure via the Maintenance Siding. The Rule Book Change signs on the left mark the boundary between the two infrastructure controllers and the change of applicable rules. Underneath is a radio channel indicator with the letters "CSR", denoting that the channel code "92" refers to the Cab Secure Radio system. (Photo taken 5 December 2010, by Robin Morel)

London St. Pancras
Signal WH385 at London St. Pancras controls movements from the Maintenance Siding, which forms a link between the Channel Tunnel Rail Link platforms and Network Rail infrastructure. Rule Book Change signs are fitted to the signal post, along with a sign indicating a permissible speed of 5 mph. Wide-to-gauge trap points protect the connection onto the Up & Down Slow line. (Photo taken 25 July 2006, by Robin Morel)

Swinton Junction North
Signal S508 at Swinton Junction North is fitted with a temporary sign denoting the termination of emergency special working on the Up Pontefract line. (Photo taken 8 April 2020, by Frankie Spowart)