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Notice Boards

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This notice board at Bathgate Yard marks the point where Track Circuit Block signalling ends and 'yard working' begins. In the opposite direction, a main colour light signal controls entry into the Track Circuit Block signalling area. (Photo taken 5 January 2007)

Worcester Shrub Hill
A 'stop lamp' as used on the Great Western Railway, at Worcester Shrub Hill. (Photo taken 26 August 2005)

The stop board protecting the Open level crossing at Kildonan in the Up direction is of an early pattern. (Photo taken 18 June 2005)

Ardrossan Harbour
This stop board is situated on the approach to Ardrossan Harbour level crossing, which is an AOCL. Before passing this board, the driver must first press the plunger that is fixed to the left-hand post, to initiate the level crossing sequence. The driver must then check that a flashing white light is exhibited at the crossing and sound the train's horn before proceeding. The miniature advance warning board mounted on the right-hand post refers to Princes Street level crossing, also an AOCL, which is located about a quarter of a mile (0.4 km) past Ardrossan Harbour level crossing. (Photo taken 26 January 2009)

This stop board at Hunmanby is slightly unusual in that the word "stop" is rendered in capital letters. (Photo taken 31 May 2014)

Ebbw Vale Parkway
A stop board without additional instructions, marking the end of the operational railway at Ebbw Vale Parkway station. (Photo taken 17 August 2014)