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Indicators and Signs associated with Points

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Gretna Junction
A double-sided catch points sign beside the Down Dumfries line at Gretna Junction. The spring catch points to which the sign referred had in fact been removed and replaced by plain line by the time this picture was taken, but the sign was left standing. (Photo taken 21 August 2006)

The crossing loop at Taynuilt is one of six on the West Highland Lines RETB system where right-hand running applies. To remind drivers that the train-operated facing points are normally set to direct an arriving train into the right-hand loop, the 'points set' indicators at both ends are each fitted with a supplementary sign showing a right-hand arrow. (Photo taken 26 May 2012)

The points indicator at the east end of Porthmadog station with yellow light illuminated, confirming that the train-operated facing points are correctly set for the Down loop. The advance warning board mounted below refers to Porthmadog TMOB level crossing. (Photo taken 30 August 2009, by Danny Scroggins)

A 'remote ground frame marker' on the Grain branch at Cliffe ground frame. The marker is fitted on the same post as the 20 mph permanent speed restriction sign that applies over the connection to Cliffe Sidings, worked from the ground frame. (Photo taken 17 May 2006)

This stop board at the north end of the crossing loop at Tenby is fitted with a combined points indicator and TPWS status indicator, known as a 'Departure Direction Points Indicator' (DDPI). When the power-operated points are not set for a train to depart from the loop, a flashing red light is exhibited. When the points are operated to the reverse position, the points indicator is extinguished and the TPWS indicator below will illuminate. (Photo taken 23 July 2010)