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Permanent Speed Restriction Signs

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A 40 mph 'cut-out' style permanent speed restriction sign at Brampton, on the East Suffolk Line. (Photo taken 25 June 2013)

A 'cut-out' style permanent speed restriction sign at Doncaster station, on the East Coast Main Line. The directional arrow indicates that the 15 mph restriction is applicable only to movements through the crossover immediately beyond. This sign is located on the right-hand side of the line to which it applies. (Photo taken 17 February 2007)

An 'end of speed restriction' marker (or 'lollipop') near Rhu, on the West Highland Line. Originally, the disc would have been made of timber and painted white. (Photo taken 17 October 1990)

An advance warning indicator on the approach to Kingussie, where a permanent speed restriction of 40 mph applies over the Down Loop. The board is floodlit for visibility during darkness. (Photo taken 22 July 2006)

A pair of speed restriction signs alongside the Up Pontefract line at Moorthorpe. The 'cut-out' sign on the right indicates a permissible speed of 80 mph for ordinary trains, while the left-hand sign shows a higher limit of 100 mph for High Speed Trains only. (Photo taken 17 February 2007)

A sign showing the commencement of an increased permissible speed applicable only to Class 15x series multiple unit trains, located near Morar, on the West Highland Line. (Photo taken 6 July 2002)

A termination sign at Morar, on the West Highland Line. Class 15x series multiple unit trains must revert to the same speed that is applicable to all trains. (Photo taken 22 May 2004)

Thornton North Junction
A permanent speed restriction sign with a left-hand directional arrow, at Thornton North Junction. In accordance with Scottish Region practice, the arrow sign is placed below the speed board. The 40 mph speed restriction applies to trains entering the Up Passenger Loop. (Photo taken 9 December 2005)