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Repeater Signals

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A splitting banner repeater at Inverkeithing, indicating that the signal ahead, number EV412, is displaying a 'proceed' aspect for the higher speed right-hand route. (Photo taken 25 July 1999)

At Dumfries station Platform 2 is an unusual two-faced banner repeater associated with four-aspect signal DS77. Suspended from the station canopy, it comprises a full size electro-mechanical banner mounted back-to-back with a rear-facing miniature banner, which is seen here in the 'off' position. (Photo taken 21 August 2010)

This unusual red-armed banner repeater at Stirling is located ahead of the two signals it repeats. It applies to trains standing out beyond the relevant semaphore signal controlling departures from the Dock Platforms at the south end of the station and is treated as a stop signal. (Photo taken 9 April 1994)

At Brighton station, motor-operated floodlit discs act as repeaters for the colour light platform starting signals. The face of the disc has a black band to give a similar appearance to a banner repeater. This example, seen here in the 'off' position, repeats the signal for Platform 8, number T448. (Photo taken 24 September 2010)

A stencil repeater can show the same two indications as an ordinary banner repeater but has no moving parts. Depending on which half of the indicator is illuminated, an image of a banner in either the 'on' or 'off' position is displayed. This is PT379R, which is suspended from the canopy over Platform 3 at Swansea station. (Photo taken 26 August 2005)

Battersea Park
This group of signs at Battersea Park station is located near the Driver Only Operation monitors at the north end of Platform 4. Directly below the car stop marker applicable to six to eight car multiple units is a sign reminding drivers to check the aspect of the signal ahead before departing, and a board for Selective Door Operation (SDO) stating the maximum number of cars that can be accommodated at this platform. All three signs are in the Southern train operating company style. The miniature banner repeater on the right, number VC554BR, indicates that the platform starting signal is currently displaying a 'danger' aspect. (Photo taken 26 September 2010)

Three-state banner repeater number RN3357BR and preliminary route indicator (PRI) number RN3357PRI1, situated to the west of Rugby station, apply to trains on the Down Fast line. The combination of a green 'off' indication on the banner repeater and a vertical arrow on the PRI means that the signal ahead, number RN3357 at Trent Valley Junction, is displaying a green aspect for the route onto the Down Trent Valley Fast line. The sign on the right advises drivers of electric trains that they are approaching an overhead neutral section. (Photo taken 15 August 2009)