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Indicators for Train Dispatch

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Great Yarmouth
In 1962, double-sided "on"/"off" indicators were suspended from the station building at Great Yarmouth, located near the buffer stops. This is the indicator for Platform 3, showing that the semaphore platform starting signal is currently at 'danger'. The opposite side displays the same indications in an amber colour. (Photo taken 14 October 2013)

A group of "off" indicators mounted against the station building at Crewe station. These relate to Platform 6 (Down Slow line) signals CE122 (Up direction), CE149 and CE151 (Down direction). (Photo taken 15 August 2009)

Glasgow Central
Departure is imminent for the 2K13 15:00 service from Glasgow Central to Ayr. The signal has been cleared for the train to leave Platform 11, as shown by the illuminated "off" indicator suspended from the station roof. This indicator is double-sided, the rear-facing side displaying its indication in amber characters. (Photo taken 6 November 2005)

Separate indicators that can display "off Up" or "off Dn" are fixed under the canopy on Platform 5 at Wimbledon. The relevant indicator is illuminated according to which end of the platform has a signal showing a 'proceed' aspect. (Photo taken 24 September 2010)

A "CD" ('close doors') indication exhibited at signal CO18 at Colchester station, Platform 4. (Photo taken 16 May 2006)

An "RA" ('right away') indication exhibited at signal CO18 at Colchester station, Platform 4. (Photo taken 16 May 2006)

"Off" indicators at Brighton displaying "off inner" and "off outer" in reference to the inner and outer platform starting signals located on Platform 3. (Photo taken 24 September 2010)

Edinburgh Waverley
This is one of the long through platforms at Edinburgh Waverley station that is divided into two parts, the east end in this case being designated Platform 2, and the west end Platform 19. The letter "E" displayed in conjunction with the "off" indicator denotes that it relates to a signal that controls movements in the east direction. The illuminated number "458", referring to mid-platform signal E458, is an indication that that signal is displaying a 'proceed' aspect but the next signal ahead, at the platform end, is currently at 'danger'. (Photo taken 10 September 2013)