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Temporary Speed Restriction Signs

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Connel Ferry
A battery-powered TSR warning board at Connel Ferry, on the Oban line. (Photo taken 27 October 1991)

A short temporary speed restriction of 30 mph imposed on the Up Main line at Ashburys owing to condition of track. The speed indicator and the termination indicator, marking the beginning and end of the restriction, respectively, are both visible in this view. Both indicators are reflectorised. (Photo taken 24 August 2013)

An emergency indicator placed beside the Up Berwick line at Reston, on the East Coast Main Line. The indicator is battery powered and its brilliant white flashing lights are exhibited at all times. (Photo taken 6 September 2001)

A repeating warning board of the original pattern. It has been mounted on the post of a permanent speed restriction sign at the start of the Oban line, a short distance to the north of Crianlarich station. (Photo taken 5 April 1992)

A reflectorised warning board for a differential TSR on the Up Berwick line at Reston, on the East Coast Main Line. Although a miniature warning board has been used in this instance, there appears to be no obvious reason why a normal-sized board could not have been used instead. (Photo taken 6 September 2001)