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Section 8: Over-run Prevention and Mitigation

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At some stations where a signal is situated at the end of the platform, signs have been provided to remind the driver to check the aspect displayed by the signal before departing [8.55 - 8.60]. These signs may be positioned at each of the car stop markers, at DOO monitors/mirrors, or alongside the signal concerned.

[8.55] "Check Signal Aspect" Sign. Click Here for Photo
Area: Southern   Usage: High   Status: Current
[8.56] "Check Signal Aspect" Sign.
Area: South Eastern Trains   Usage: Medium   Status: Current
[8.57] "Re-Check Signal!" Sign.
Area: South West Trains   Usage: Medium   Status: Current
[8.58] "Re-Check Signal Aspect" Sign. Click Here for Photo
Area: Great Western Zone   Usage: Medium   Status: Current
[8.59] "Re-Check Signal Aspect" Sign.
Area: East Anglia Zone   Usage: Medium   Status: Current
[8.60] "Check Signal" Sign.
Area: Arriva Trains Wales   Usage: Low   Status: Current

Some new countdown markers installed on the Southern Zone in 2000 stated the distance to the relevant station or signal in red text [8.61 & 8.62], instead of having the usual red diagonal bars (see [8.21]).

[8.61] Countdown Markers ( (a) - Outer board; (b) - Intermediate board; (c) - Inner board ).
Area: Southern Zone   Usage: Low   Status: Uncertain
[8.62] Countdown Markers.
Area: Southern and Great Western Zones   Usage: Low   Status: Uncertain

Signal WM717 controls the exit from the Down Side Carriage Shed at London Euston and was commissioned during resignalling of the station in 2000. Shortly after being brought into use, a board was added near the signal, worded "obey WM717" with a left-hand arrow [8.63].

[8.63] "Obey WM717" Sign.
Area: London Euston   Usage: Low   Status: Uncertain

In September 2000, a signal distance information board was provided at Dunfermline Queen Margaret station (Scotland Zone), stating the distance to the next signal ahead [8.64]. A similar board was provided at Dunfermline Town station, referring to signal EO714.

[8.64] Signal Distance Information Board. Click Here for Photo
Area: Scotland Zone   Usage: Low   Status: Obsolescent

A signal distance information board was erected at Ashtead station, alongside the DOO mirror at the south end of the Down platform, bearing the rather wordy message "your next signal W477 is 420 metres ahead of this point" in blue text [8.65].

[8.65] Signal Distance Information Board.
Area: Ashtead   Usage: Low   Status: Historical

The first signal encountered after leaving Oxford station and heading north on the Down Main line was signal OX26, which had restricted sighting. In November 2000, a very large sign worded "OX26 ahead" was applied to the overbridge on the approach to the signal [8.66]. At a later date, a similar sign reading "OX76 ahead" was placed immediately to the left of the original sign, OX76 being the corresponding signal on the Down Passenger Loop. Both signs were obliterated in 2018 when the Oxford area was resignalled.

[8.66] Signal Reminder Sign. Click Here for Photo
Area: Oxford   Usage: Low   Status: Historical

Signs with a blue and white surround were fitted on both sides of signal gantries on the approach to London Waterloo, to clearly identify the Down Windsor Fast line [8.67].

[8.67] Line Reminder Sign with blue and white striped surround.
Area: London Waterloo   Usage: Low   Status: Historical

Despite the provision of mitigation measures (see [8.49 & 8.50]), a further SPAD incident occurred at signal T22 at Norwood Junction on 20 October 2000. Following this, the original countdown markers were replaced by new ones having blue and white edging and stating the signal number [8.68]. The original line reminder sign alongside the signal head (see [8.50]) was replaced by one with a white background and blue and white edging [8.69]. The countdown markers were removed in 2016.

[8.68] Countdown Markers with blue and white striped surrounds ( (a) - Outer board; (b) - Intermediate board; (c) - Inner board ).
Area: Norwood Junction   Usage: Low   Status: Historical
[8.69] Line Reminder Sign with blue and white striped surround.
Area: Norwood Junction   Usage: Low   Status: Historical

By 2000, new signal distance information boards being provided on the Midlands Zone had a blue and white surround [8.70] in place of the previous red border (see [8.53]). The newer style of board was also adopted by the Great Western Zone, some being installed on the Great Western Main Line in the manner of countdown markers at distances of 300 yards, 200 yards and 100 yards to the signal concerned.

[8.70] Signal Distance Information Board.
Area: Midlands and Great Western Zones   Usage: Medium   Status: Uncertain

Following a trial in 1999, DRA reminder signs were, from 2001, provided at a number of stations operated by South West Trains. These comprise small signs placed near the car stop markers (see Section 21), worded "D.R.A. reminder" and bearing a picture of a red signal [8.71]. This acts as a reminder to the driver to set the 'driver's reminder appliance' (DRA) if the platform starting signal (where provided) is at 'danger' or if the previous signal was displaying 'caution' (where no platform starting signal is provided). Similar signs have subsequently been provided in some other areas.

[8.71] DRA Reminder Sign. Click Here for Photo
Area: Various   Usage: High   Status: Current

Position light shunting signal E961 at Southampton Maritime Freightliner Terminal was a multi-SPAD signal. To assist drivers in locating the signal, double-sided signs reading "beware E961" were positioned adjacent to it on both sides of the line [8.72]. A similar pair of signs was installed adjacent to signal E940 at Millbrook Freightliner Terminal.

[8.72] "Beware" Sign (e.g. on left-hand side of track).
Area: Southampton / Millbrook   Usage: Low   Status: Uncertain