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Buffer Stops

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Buffer stops on the carriage sidings at Horsham. The buffer stop on the left has white, as opposed to red, lights so as not to confuse drivers approaching on the adjacent running line. (Photo taken 8 May 2014)

London Bridge
The friction type buffer stops on the terminal platform lines at London Bridge station are each fitted with a circular red target. (Photo taken 21 August 2009)

Kyle of Lochalsh
Reflectorised circular targets on a buffer stop at Kyle of Lochalsh, installed as a trial. The red lights have been retained. (Photo taken 3 June 2006)

Glasgow Queen Street
The buffer stops for Platforms 6 and 7 at Glasgow Queen Street station, on which are fitted stop marker boards for High Speed Trains. The yellow and black pole between the tracks acts as a stopping marker for diesel multiple unit trains. (Photo taken 1 October 2005)

Reflectorised markers have replaced the former red lights on the buffer stop at the end of Platform 8 at Stirling station. A standard horizontal red and white reflectorised marker has also been fitted. (Photo taken 30 September 2013)