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Limit of Shunt Indicators

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An internally illuminated 'limit of shunt' indicator at Knaresborough. (Photo taken 10 July 2010)

A floodlit 'limit of shunt' indicator at Brockenhurst. (Photo taken 24 September 2010)

East Croydon
A floodlit 'shunt limit' indicator at East Croydon, for limiting Up direction shunting movements along the Down Slow line. (Photo taken 18 May 2006)

This reflectorised 'shunt limit' indicator at Cowdenbeath applies to the Up Cowdenbeath line. (Photo taken 4 June 2012)

M59 is a position light type 'limit of shunt' indicator positioned adjacent to the Up Millerhill line at Newcraighall. The two permanently lit red lights are formed of LED clusters. (Photo taken 25 June 2008)