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Shunting Signals

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Colour light signal number P46 stands alongside the Up Dundee Loop at Perth and is provided with two miniature yellow aspects, positioned on opposite sides of the main three-aspect signal head. The left-hand miniature yellow is lit to authorise a movement into the Up Sidings. (Photo taken 27 August 2013, by Jed Scott)

A two-tier position light shunting signal at Perth, numbered P64. The top and bottom signals in this pair apply to shunting movements from the Up Fast line to the left-hand and right-hand routes, respectively. The original signal heads have been replaced by Dorman LED units, which continue to show one red and one white light for the 'on' aspect, in common with the previous filament-lamp heads. (Photo taken 10 September 2014)

Position light signal L5318 at Broxbourne displaying a 'stop' aspect consisting of two red lights. This signal is a fibre-optic type made by Signal House Ltd., which has four apertures (two for the red lights and two for the white lights). (Photo taken 25 June 2013)

Thingley Junction
Position light signal number SN201 at Thingley Junction displays two yellow lights for the 'on' aspect. This is a three-aperture LED signal manufactured by Dorman. When cleared for a movement from the sidings to the Up Main line, two white lights at 45° are displayed, the 'pivot' light (at the lower right position) changing colour from yellow to white. (Photo taken 19 February 2010, by Danny Scroggins)

Muirhouse Central Junction
Position light signal GB5181 at Muirhouse Central Junction is of the lightweight LED design supplied by VMS Ltd. It is seen here displaying a 'proceed' aspect (two white lights at 45°). (Photo taken 31 March 2013)