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Temporary Speed Restriction Signs

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A repeating warning board at the north end of Preston station. (Photo taken 24 August 2013)

A non-standard form of TSR repeater board fitted to the post of signal PN111 at the south end of Preston station. (Photo taken 14 August 2004)

Lichfield Trent Valley
A non-standard TSR repeater board at Lichfield Trent Valley (High Level) station. (Photo taken 17 January 2006)

North Queensferry
This special speed indicator at North Queensferry station indicates that a temporary speed restriction of 20 mph is in force over the Forth Bridge, while two-way working is in operation on the Up Fife line. The temporary sign has been fastened over the front of the permanent 20/50 mph standard differential speed restriction sign. (Photo taken 12 March 2000)