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Distance Markers

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Note: A large quantity of milepost photographs may be viewed at The Milepost Gallery.

This unusual twin-faced milepost on the Edinburgh & Glasgow line at Cowlairs is located 44 miles (70.8 km) from Edinburgh (Haymarket station) and 2 miles (3.2 km) from Glasgow (Queen Street station). (Photo taken 1 June 1997)

A North Eastern Railway distance point post situated at the middle of the Down platform at Hammerton station. (Photo taken 10 July 2010)

Bogside Junction
This kilometre post near Bogside Junction on the Ayr line shows a distance of 34 kilometres from Paisley. (Photo taken 3 June 2009)

The 579.5 kilometre post at Innerwick on the East Coast Main Line, installed during the electrification of the line between Hitchin and Edinburgh. (Photo taken 5 September 2001)

Coatbridge Sunnyside
This marker post between Coatbridge Sunnyside and Coatdyke stations denotes the halfway point between the 9 and 9¼ mileposts. (Photo taken 6 June 2007)