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Distance Markers

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Watford Junction
A double-sided 'sighting distance device' adjacent to the 17½ milepost at Watford Junction station on the West Coast Main Line. (Photo taken 21 August 2009)

Farnborough (Main)
A two-faced reflectorised milepost at Farnborough (Main), indicating a distance of 33¼ miles (53.5 km) from London Waterloo. (Photo taken 18 May 2006)

Showing a distance of 18 miles (29 km) from Cardiff, this is a replacement milepost attached to a new overbridge at Bargoed, construction of which necessitated the removal of the previous milepost at this location. (Photo taken 24 July 2010)

Stratford International
This is Stratford International station on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. The sign with the hollow red triangle signifies the location of a group of emergency replacement switches used for protection of the line. The small plate mounted immediately above gives the kilometric position as 9.6 km from London St. Pancras. (Photo taken 22 September 2014)

Distance markers are installed at 110 yard (100 metre) intervals along the Bedford to Bletchley line. The markers that do not coincide with quarter-milepost positions state the mileage in miles and yards, as well as the Engineer's Line Reference (ELR), which is "BBM". The distance marker seen here is situated at the Bletchley end of the line. (Photo taken 23 May 2015)