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Republic of Ireland

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A fixed 'banner' distant signal on the approach to Rathdrum, in the Down direction. A yellow lamp is fixed above the board, for use during darkness. This signal has been placed on the right-hand side of the line for better sighting on the left-hand curve. The milepost near the bottom of the signal post indicates a distance of 36¾ miles from Dublin (Harcourt Street). (Photo taken 3 May 2001)

A semaphore signal with two distant arms, west of Clonsilla on the line to Maynooth and Sligo. The upper arm is the Up Distant signal for Barberstown level crossing. The lower arm, which is permanently fixed in the 'on' position, is the Up Distant signal for Clonsilla signal cabin. (Photo taken 22 September 1999)

A braking point marker board on the Sligo line, on the approach to Edgeworthstown in the Down direction. (Photo taken 28 May 2003)

An old form of ground shunting signal at Clonsilla, retrospectively fitted with square faces on perpendicular sides. When cleared, the whole lamp housing rotates through 90°, bringing the 'off' face with a diagonal red band into the driver's view. (Photo taken 22 September 1999)

Muine Bheag
A square yellow 'disc' shunting signal at Muine Bheag (Bagenalstown). This signal may be passed while in the 'on' position, for movements within the sidings. (Photo taken 8 May 2001)