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Republic of Ireland

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A 'shunt limit' board with a red light, on the Up line at Malahide. (Photo taken 18 November 1999)

A 'shunt limit' board with a white light at Arklow, on the single line towards Rathdrum. (Photo taken 3 May 2001)

The plate on the post of this semaphore signal at Roscrea identifies it as a repeater. The arm repeats the indication of the Up Home signal, which has restricted sighting caused by track curvature and the overbridge seen in the photograph. Drivers may pass a repeater signal in the 'on' position but must be prepared to stop at the signal to which it refers. (Photo taken 6 May 2000)

A 20 mph permanent speed restriction sign of standard octagonal design, at Boyle on the Sligo line. (Photo taken 3 May 2000)

This speed restriction sign at Ennis indicates a lower limit of 20 mph applicable to 201 Class locomotives. (Photo taken 5 May 2000)

A radio channel board at Wicklow indicating that Channel 61 applies to trains heading north towards Dublin. (Photo taken 2 May 2001)

Sydney Parade
A bilingual car stop marker on Platform 2 at Sydney Parade station, denoting the stopping position for multiple units composed of two, three or four cars. (Photo taken 2 August 2018)