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Overrun Prevention and Mitigation

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This board informs drivers of trains running north on the Up Ayr line that they are approaching Irvine station. A similar board is installed on the opposite line for trains heading south. (Photo taken 3 June 2009)

A SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) indicator at Trimley station. This will illuminate to alert the driver to stop immediately in the event of passing the previous stop signal at 'danger'. (Photo taken 25 September 2010)

East Croydon
Signal T106 is mounted on the gantry at the north end of East Croydon station. The backboard of the signal has been given special blue and white edging to enhance its conspicuity. An "RA" ('right away') indication is exhibited to the right of the signal head. (Photo taken 18 May 2006)

Harrow & Wealdstone
Signal WS55 stands at the north end of Harrow & Wealdstone station, on the DC electrified line. The position light signal with the special surround controls movements into the turnback siding ahead. A London Underground train can be seen in the siding. In the foreground, the sign beneath the car stop marker reminds drivers to check the signal aspect, in an effort to prevent SPADs. (Photo taken 25 June 2002)

A signal reminder board mounted below the Driver Only Operation monitors on the Up platform at Bearsden station, on the Milngavie line. The signal at the end of the platform protects the double line to single line connection. (Photo taken 12 May 2001)

These car stop markers at Hever station, which is managed by Southern, are accompanied by a sign reminding drivers to check the aspect of the signal ahead before departing. (Photo taken 18 August 2014)

This sign is provided at the east end of Southall station to remind drivers to re-check the aspect of the signal ahead, as a SPAD prevention measure. Alongside is the car stop marker for trains comprising 4, 5 or 6 cars. (Photo taken 21 August 2004)