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Overrun Prevention and Mitigation

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Dunfermline Queen Margaret
A signal distance information board mounted above the "4 car stop" marker at the west end of Dunfermline Queen Margaret station. (Photo taken 5 February 2003)

This large and prominent sign, which appears on an overbridge at Oxford, reminds drivers on the Down Main line that they are approaching signal OX26. A whistle board is fixed alongside. (Photo taken 20 May 2006)

London Road (Guildford)
The small sign mounted directly above this car stop marker at London Road (Guildford) station reminds drivers to use the driver's reminder appliance (DRA) when stopped here. (Photo taken 18 August 2014)

A signal reminder board mounted below the Driver Only Operation monitors on the Up platform at Bearsden station, on the Milngavie line. The signal at the end of the platform protects the double line to single line connection. (Photo taken 16 February 2003)

Glasgow Queen Street
Each platform starting signal at Glasgow Queen Street station is accompanied by a line reminder board showing the number of the applicable platform line. These are signals CQ85 and CQ86, which control departures from Platforms 5 and 6, respectively. The last digit of each signal number also relates to the relevant platform number. (Photo taken 27 August 2016)

Wrexham General
These signs at the north end of Platform 2 at Wrexham General station remind drivers of the presence of signal number CN945 ahead and advise them to check the Automatic Warning System's visual indicator inside the driving cab. (Photo taken 24 July 2010)