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Route Indicators

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Worcester Shrub Hill
Signal SH77 is situated at the north end of Platform 2 at Worcester Shrub Hill station. Since there are two possible routes from this signal, a mechanical route indicator is mounted below the semaphore arm. This is of Great Western Railway design and can display either "B'ham" or "H'ford" for the line towards Birmingham or Hereford, respectively. (Photo taken 9 September 2013)

Signal W311 at the east end of Platform 2 at Westbury station has a 'theatre' or 'multi-lamp' type route indicator provided. Consisting of a matrix of lamps, when these are illuminated to form the letter "T", it indicates that a route is set to the Up Trowbridge line. (Photo taken 10 September 2013)

Georgemas Junction
A 'points set' indicator at Georgemas Junction displaying a yellow light together with an alphanumeric route indication "B", meaning that the power-operated facing points are set for the Branch line towards Thurso. (Photo taken 2 August 2012)

Alderley Edge
Four-aspect signal MS3874 at Alderley Edge, which has an offset position light signal and associated miniature alphanumeric route indicator. The route indication "DS", displayed in conjunction with a 'proceed' aspect on the position light, shows that a route is set to the Down Siding. (Photo taken 11 July 2009)