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Route Indicators

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Signal EY8 at Faversham is a three-aspect colour light signal dating from 1959. The left-hand (position 1) junction indicator above the green aspect is of the three-lamp type once favoured by the Southern Region. Illumination of this junction indicator means the route is set for the Down Branch towards Margate. (Photo taken 23 April 2008)

Llandudno Junction
Signal LJ62 at Llandudno Junction has routes to the Up Passenger Loop, the Up Main, and the Down Branch. When the signal is cleared for a route to the Up Passenger Loop, no junction indicator is displayed as this is the 'straight' route. The two other routes are accessed via a right-hand divergence; therefore, two right-hand junction indicator arms are provided. Referred to as positions 4 and 5, they apply to the Up Main and the Down Branch, respectively. The signal is seen with the route set for a Blaenau Ffestiniog train about to leave Platform 1. (Photo taken 15 July 2006)

Mount Florida
Signal GC5092 at Mount Florida is a lightweight LED signal supplied by VMS Ltd. Above the main three-aspect signal head is a position 4 junction indicator comprising a matrix of white LEDs which give the appearance of a solid bar of light when illuminated. (Photo taken 2 April 2013)

Reading West
Signal T2802 on the Up Westbury line at Reading West station is fitted with a standard alphanumeric route indicator as well as two left-hand junction indicator arms. Indications are displayed in both route indicators simultaneously whenever one of the four diverging routes at Oxford Road Junction is set. The combination of junction indicator position 1 together with an "M" in the standard route indicator shows that the route is set towards the Reading Feeder Main line. (Photo taken 4 June 2017)

Milton Keynes Central
Preliminary route indicator number TK5228PRI A on the Up Slow line at Milton Keynes Central. The vertical arrow informs drivers that the junction signal ahead (number TK5228) is displaying a 'proceed' aspect without a lit junction indicator, for the straight route along the Up Slow. A second preliminary route indicator, numbered TK5228PRI B, is provided beyond the first one seen here, and it shows the same indications. (Photo taken 23 May 2015)

Saltwood Junction
Preliminary route indicator number AD755PRI B, the second of two provided on the approach to Saltwood Junction. The direction of the arrow being displayed corresponds to a position 4 junction route indicator, showing that the junction signal ahead (number AD755) is cleared for the right-hand divergence. Also mounted on the same post is a warning indicator for the 80 mph permanent speed restriction ahead. (Photo taken 18 July 2003)